Funeral & Cremation Services

The funeral gives us permission to grieve and help us appreciate the connections our loved one had established with others. Funeral visitations provide a chance to talk and share stories and memories. We gather with family and friends and say, “This life was important, this life touched mine.”

Planning a funeral can be a stressful experience, but it does not have to be dreaded. We’ll help you through the process of planning a meaningful, personal funeral ceremony, memorial service or cremation during a challenging time in your life.

Funeral & Cremation Ceremonies

A ceremony, whether simple or elaborate, traditional or contemporary, provides family and friends the occasion to say a final “good-bye”. This time is important because it gives the grieving family an opportunity to share their memories and give support to one another.

A personalized service involves tailoring the funeral to express the personality, interests and passion of your loved one.  We can help you create a moving tribute by displaying treasured belongings, photographs or playing their favorite music. The options for services are only limited by one’s imagination.

Whether you decide on a traditional funeral service or something more innovative, we will provide you with options that offer flexibility and individuality. There is a wide range of choices when it comes to merchandise and the service itself.  We believe every family must be afforded the opportunity to celebrate their loved one’s life message as they feel comfortable.

If a family chooses to have a visitation there are a number of choices available in caskets.

  • Caskets traditionally used for burial may be used.
  • Cremation Caskets are simpler in design and are constructed specifically for cremation.
  • Alternative Caskets are typically constructed of cardboard with a felt covering.

Is Cremation an Option at Gay & Ciha?

Cremation is becoming more popular as a funeral option. At Gay & Ciha, we believe it is important to be aware of all the options that are available in having a meaningful funeral service when cremation is the choice.

Reasons to choose Cremation Services

People may choose cremation for a variety of reasons – philosophical, religious and even environmental. Others prefer cremation because they want something simpler and more natural. Whatever the reason, if you are thinking about cremation, it’s important to know and understand all of the choices available to you.

Options For Funeral Service When Choosing Cremation

Visitation and Ceremony is a viewing of the person in the casket within a designated viewing time. This can be an all day visitation or just a few hours where all friends and relatives are welcome to gather and provide comfort and support to one another. A service would follow the visitation, either at the funeral home or at the church. Following the service, the casketed body will be taken to our crematory.

  • Private Viewing and Ceremony is similar to a visitation and service with the exception that it is open only to family members and invited close friends.

  • Private Viewing is when the family briefly wants to see the person for the last time to say good-bye and not have a formal time for viewing.

  • Memorial Ceremony with cremains is when an urn is present at the visitation/service. A memorial service can be contemporary or religious in nature and is usually held at the funeral home or in church. The service can be individualized with musical selections, readings, eulogies and displays reflecting the person’s life: their hobbies, interests, and occupation.

  • Direct Cremation includes no viewing or ceremony. Remains are taken directly from place of death to crematory.

We have an on-site crematoryNo matter what your choice regarding cremation, your wishes will be cared out by one of our funeral directors at our onsite crematory.

Since we handle all of the arrangements, we can we accommodate nearly any special request that you have. From the specific time of the cremation to the participation of friends or family in the process, we will help you deal with the death of your dear one.

Because we have a trusted reputation among colleagues many other funeral homes that do not have their own crematory facilities seek our assistance when it comes to taking care of the cremation needs of their families.

Final Disposition of the Cremated Remains

Families have the options of placing the cremated remains of their loved one in:

  • Grave in a family plot or mausoleum niche so that they may have a place to visit and remember the life of their loved one.

  • Location within the home.

  • Scattering the cremated remains in a place of great significance, such as the sea, a meadow, or home pond.
  • Distributing the cremated remains in keepsake urns, jewelry or artwork to members of the family.

Ultimately, the final resting location will determine what type of vessel is needed. Urns are crafted from various metals, woods and ceramics. There are many designs – sculptured urns are among the latest styles. Incorporating cremated remains in jewelry and artwork is also gaining popularity.

Please contact us for further information on the funeral planning process. We will be happy to offer suggestions and provide information about what would be the best way to celebrate your loved one’s life.